V8968| Splattered and Tye Dyed

This Vogue was rated  very easy, but I found myself stumped a couple times.

I chose to do the v-neck version, and that part was pretty easy!

But the hem which was cut on the crossgrain, which you have to cut out 4 times!
Well that somehow gave me the Blues.

It wasnt cutting it out, just sewing it to the upper half of the dress! I had to
rip it apart a few times because the angles or points was not lining up or falling right!!

I had to put it down a couple days and come back to it, wine in hand
 and just attach it the best I could.

I'm all about comfort and coolness with the Texas summer approaching, so this 
project wasn't going to get the best of me, lol.

After that less than epic battle with tha  "Very Easy Vogue" I thought it would look cute with my favorite sunnies. I'm really digging this tye-dye/splatter effect on this fabric and even more-so since it compliments my orangish hair color, lol. As much as I like this dress, nurp, won't be making it again!!

Till my next post,


  1. I enjoy your blog! Therefore, I have nominated you for the Sunshine and Shine Award. Please visit my blog for more information

  2. LOL @ nurp! vogue will get you with those "very easy" patterns. It looks great! I "think" I have this pattern I might give it a go lol.

  3. Love the dress. I think I'll add this pattern to my stash. TFS

  4. I just read your profile, no wonder your hair always looks awesome. I agree w/AdriennesEssentials. The dress is fab.

  5. You really sell this dress- it looks great and the coloring is so sharp on you!

  6. that looks great and I would never have given that pattern a second look. but very effortless chic! love it.

  7. Well, you beat that dress into submission!!! Very nice!

  8. i know it's been years but maybe you remember. The dress looks huge,boxy through the bodice and waist and it looks more fitted on the pattern drawing. Which was it? thanks!


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