Happy 17th Anniversary.....

.....well belated!

On April 12th, we celebrated our 17 wedding anniversary!
Yay us!! But we've been together a total of 30 years!
Thank you for being a great husband, father, friend, lover, boyfriend, cheerleader, handyman, chauffeur, counselor, mechanic, business partner, coach, bus-driver, financial adviser, once-a-year chef and fabric sponsor, lol!
One thing I've learned that is so important in a marriage is, being right is not more 
important than being happy.
 Many, many hugs and kisses, I love, love this man!!!


  1. Cograts!!! July 19th will be our 17th wedding anniversary. 1997 was a great year!

    1. Thanx Tonia, yes 97' was a great year! Congrats to you also for holding it down 17yrs.

  2. Congratulations, y'all make a lovely couple!

  3. CONGRATS!!! I pray you all many, many, many more :) Mines will also be 17 years on July 14th :)

    1. Oh cool, you're a class of 97' too!!! ;-) Well congrats in advance Mad14kt!!

  4. Happy Anniversary- and you are right, choosing your battles really make a difference in a happy marriage.
    I will have 22 years on July 30th.
    Half my life, LOL
    Congrats again.


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