A Lil Mermaid

I don't make a lotta skirts, but when I made this one it was sooo comfortable and easy I had to make it again, and again and again......

I've always loved the silhouette of the mermaid dress or skirt. However, I've never 
had much success in finding any that flattered my invisible lady humps.
 Most mermaid skirts that I've tried on, didn't really fit me, or gave 
me that "BAM", I was hoping for, lol. 

M6696 | A Shirtdress that Fits

Hey Sew Family, missed you!

I've always struggled when it comes to finding a great fitting shirt, blouse or even 
shirtdress for that matter. When you're top heavy or a big busted gal, nothing ever fits right 
especially if it buttons up! Off the rack I often deal with the infamous gaping, or have to settle for
 a full blousey, or shapeless fit. This is one reason why I love sewing, "fit and options"!  When I came across this pattern I immediately loved all the options, full or straight skirt, sleeveless, short sleeve and quarter length sleeves. I love a yoke back but most importantly, "no need to do an FBA"  
this baby includes multiple cup sizes!!! What's not to love!