Summer McCalls picks 2012....and what I'm loving

 I dont think I've ever posted about my favorites before, so you know I'm loving 
McCall's latest release!! I'm really digging the whole collection, but here are my picks:

 M6600: This shirtdress is one of my favorites, it's such a classic. The fabric choices can make a real difference, and the fabric on the model is gorgeous too! I also like how they are showing different design options, sort of like designers view. (ex: simplicity/project runway)  I can definitely see myself making this with some type of funky fabric, I'm influenced.

Second time, just as charming...

You kno, it is not easy trying to be your own photographer. Me and this darn remote........
 I didn't get many shots of the full dress, like I wanted, but I guess these are okay..
I had to lay my son off,  from his photographer job, because he likes to play with the settings and then I have to re-figure them out, smh.

McCall's 6558
Soo,  I purchased a remote on Amazon, (what took me soo long!!!) best decision ever! I don't quite have the timer down like I want, but it's not that bad. Taking pics outside, uhm no it's too hot for that, even in the evenings!

Maxi Love

                     This summer I've developed a true love for Maxi's. It's already blazing hot here, so I've added quite a few to my collection.

 While digging thru my stash, I came across Simplicity 3503.  I originally purchased this one because 
It was the best of 2009 of course.

Leanne Marshall and the bombshell...S1876

 A couple of months ago, I got super addicted to the, Craftsy website and I really love their sewing classes!! I'm lovin how interactive they are, how clear the videos are shot, from supplies needed, preparing the pattern, alterations needed, really true step by step for visual learners like myself.  

 Now, I've taken other online classes before, but there's always some type of time factor involved, online chat sessions (which can get boring to read and scroll thru) with a picture here and there etc. and I just can't learn anything without seeing how you do it, seriously lol.

A Midi from a Maxi?!

 When I first saw this fabric, I knew right away it was going to be a maxi dress. I don't do very many striped fabrics because it seems like it could be a lot of work, depending on the design. Soo, I prefer to keep it simple.

  I actually purchased this gauze fabric along with many others last year @ Hancock's when they had a really good sale on it. So it's been in my closet folded away begging to be made this summer, and when I saw  M6558, I felt it could work!