Butterick 4985 completed!

I finally completed this blouse Monday, and it was pretty easy to follow. I'm just focusing now on better finishes. As I mentioned before, I'm getting more acquainted with my serger so that my projects can look less homemade, ya know. Since I'll be the only one, (and my daughter) wearing my experiments, were not going to worry about my white thread I used on the inside. lol I'm still learning! Plus, my nearest Hancock doesn't have a big selection on serger cone colors, and I'm sticking with that excuse for now

The inside looking better.

Me likey!

I know some reviewers on PR, didnt care for the puffy sleeves, but that's what attracted me to this pattern, it's that detail that makes it different from all my other similar shirt patterns. I'm still learning many basic techniques, so I'm not comfortable yet with altering patterns, but the bust area is a lil snug, thank goodness it's stretch poplin. A bust adjustment lesson is on my to-do list. I think the next time I make this, I'd want it a lil longer too.

McCalls 5050

I decided to go with the McCalls 5050, view D, peasant blouse!

The fabric was a little tricky to work with, I had unraveling strings everywhere. But I am very happy with the outcome!

 I'm trying to get used to using my serger, which I've had for many years but honestly hardly ever used. I guess you can say, I'm a little bit intimidated with it. (ya know, re-threading, cutting seams too closely etc.) Well after reading reviews on PR, and on many blogs it just looks so much more professional, neater and well finished. So I've taken the plunge and used it with this stringy, sheer fabric.

Here's the inside, I finally utilized the serger! It looks much better and more finished. yea!

My attempts @ a rolled edge! (getting better, but wish I knew how to widen)

Peasantly Hippie

I've had this old McCalls pattern for soo long, I know it's out of print! I have always figured I needed a really interesting sheer fabric that had some type of print. I think I've found it!

I'm really feeling view A, without the ties. Really flowy, sexy, elegant.

Well actually when I picked this fabric up, I had a few others in mind also.....

McCalls 5050

Kwiksew 3065

I guess you may think to yourself, there's some type of weird theme going on here..... Yep, I lurv these tops!!! Although they all seem to look very similar, in my eyes they are all very different, and yes, I probably will make each and every look. lol But seriously, this reminds me soo much of the 70's hippie era, and I always loved to see mom and her friends in their peasant frocks, rimmed glasses, flower in hair and of course platforms, yoyo's or any type of Candies shoes.

Alright, enuff of memory lane, I've got 3-patterns, and 3.5 yrdz of tha good stuff above.
I'll post the one I decided to go with soon!

Update: Simplicity 2694..........any advice

Update: 4-9-09

I fixed the hole in this dress, with a little rigging. I purchased a roll of black fusible hem tape, I forgot the name. I cut out a small piece of fabric (square) and I tore off a piece of the tape, put it over the hole, placed the fabric over it, and steam pressed it. It blended almost seamlessly. I embroidered a flower in pink on top of it, worked like a charm! lol

Align CenterAs I mentioned in an earlier post, I am working on this dress, well I've actually completed most of it. I need to add a buttonhole and a hem, rolled maybe? Idk, well maybe shortening the dress slightly.

I was doing pretty good with this dress,....well at least ....until it was time to press. As usual I'm guilty of multi-tasking, you know, putting dinner on, help with homework, put the towels in the washer, sew a bit, peek in the oven, etc. Well anywho, I plugged my iron in to press some seams, and without looking at the temp. melted a nice little hole in my fabric! (I am sick)

Nasty eeh?! What can I possibly do about this? I refuse to trash this whole dress based on this hole, lol.

It doesn't look too bad from afar, but it is definitely there and ugly.

Any suggestions? Maybe cover it with something? Idk