V1027 | Tye-Dye-Ombre' Twirl

This dress is an oldie but goodie!
I made the longer version for my B-Day a few years ago.

I was influenced by Mimi, to make this shorter version. Her style is amazing!
She rocked it and I loved it, so of course I had to copy!

B5206 | Chetta B. in Plaid

This is a Chetta B. style wrap dress by Butterick, and I love how simple it was to sew up.
It's a faux wrap style dress, without the inconvenience of  the skirt part flashing, lol! 

This fabric, that fabric, is a gorgeous ITY  plaid knit that I purchased from Fabricmart a few years
 back. I must say, I'm sick I didn't purchase more. I love it!

M6570 | Flower Power

For this skirt, I picked this bold and loud printed fabric, from 
the quilting section of my local Joann's. Uh yeah!

I often times don't even go towards that section, unless I'm looking for broadcloth to line
 with, a ruler, some chalk or some safety pins.
But sis, it's some great prints in this section, it aint just for quilting, No!

V8825 | Dupe-de-Duped

I recently participated in a sew-along where we were all sewing up V8825. To my surprise, when I went stash diving I came across the exact same fabric the model was wearing in my stash!

 I'm glad I joined in, or this pattern would've been forgotten amongst the many 
others I tend to collect.  I probably would'nt know how fab this dress was!

S1365 | WIP's and a photo bomber

When Simplicity released their Summer patterns, I must admit I didn't immediately
 run to the site like I have in past, because lately it's only been one maybe 
two I'd purchase. But when I did get around to looking at the summer release,
 surprisingly I really liked quite a few of them! Hey-hey! 

Original Pattern

 Now this one in particular I was very fond of (check out the price). I've had this original pattern pinned on my board forever!!! I was too excited that they re-released it!!! 
My search was ova, ya hear, lol!