S2444 | Sew Dolly Clackett!

Here's my dress for the Sew Dolly Clackett. Better late than never, lol. I finished this earlier
 in the week but didn't get to take pictures till I got off work,.....last nite!!
I know, I know, time management.;-)

This sew-along is hosted by Sarah, for all us who stalk Roisin's blog (dolly clackett) as a wedding 
gift from the online community. All dresses are inspired in honor of her impeccable style of dresses.

V8968| Splattered and Tye Dyed

This Vogue was rated  very easy, but I found myself stumped a couple times.

I chose to do the v-neck version, and that part was pretty easy!

M6744 | Ready for Summer

A couple weeks ago Adrienne posted a beautiful collection of her vacation dresses, and M6744 was in the lineup. I've had this pattern since it came out last summer, but didn't realize how cute it was til I saw Adrienne's.

I knew I had just the right fabric in my stash! A beautiful Oriental Floral Lattice
 ity knit, that I got from Fabricmart.

Happy 17th Anniversary.....

.....well belated!

On April 12th, we celebrated our 17 wedding anniversary!
Yay us!! But we've been together a total of 30 years!

Burda 6919 | Another Little Black Dress

   In the past, I only owned a few Burda Style patterns. But recently I was able to grow my stash when a local Joann's was closing. To be honest my whole Big-4 stash grew, when all patterns were priced at $1.99!!! I was lucky to pick this one up because those pattern drawers were almost empty.

 Please excuse the location shots in my sewing cave, my other location is temporarly a gym for now, lol. (I'm on a fitness weight-loss journey, that 40/40 club gotta work-it-out!) More on that later!