B5758 | Ombre Racerback Dress

Happy Fri-yay!!
I hope you've had a productive week, and great sewing plans for the weekend!
I'm sure there'll be a lot of fabric sales with the holiday approaching and I've been trying hard not to purchase fabric lately.  I've put myself on a fabric diet,
and I haven't made not one purchase this year! (yay me!🙌)

But, sometimes I feel myself slipping tho......
I'm trying to work down my stash, (but its calling me...📣) and I found this really nice
tye-dyish spandexy type knit in the closet!

Unfortunately, I had less than 2 yards, so not enough for a maxi, but just 
enough to squeeze out this OOP  racerback dress!  As you can see, not quite enough
 to pattern match my side seams, but ehh.

The bodice is self lined and came together pretty easily, but the instructions for
 attaching the racerback  at the neck portion was very confusing. so of course I had to improvise and get her done. The skirt portion is fine, with pleats in the front and back but could've been fuller,
bonus if it had pockets, double bonus if I had more yards!! 😝
She's cute tho!

I'm happy, because this print makes me happy, and it's just in time for the southern
 heat that's once again upon us!


How's your stash looking, or do you sew as you purchase?
What's a stash?

Till my next post,


  1. That is a beautiful dress. I hear ya.......my goal is to sew down my stash this year. However, I have made a couple a purchases this year.

  2. What a gorgeous fabric! I had to smile at the racerback attaching difficulty and the make it work moment. I have those all the time! I think I just don't have enough patience following the patterns so I just do it my way :) So fun and a great looking summer dress!


  3. Beautiful.........
    The color of the dress looks soothing and relaxing.


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