Well, I’ll still kinda wear it....and Happy Halloween

     Yep, this dress wore me out a little, but I’ll still kinda wear it.  I’ve had this pattern for a while, and you know I like anything with inseam pockets, so I was just waiting to find what I wanted to make it with. Now I’ve had this plaid/check fabric (hard to see, but click to enlarge images)  I purchased from Denver fabrics for 2 years. I’ve always wanted to try using more than 1 color combinations, so this pattern S2888 seemed perfect!
    But first, … let me rewind.  I’ve actually attempted this combo before earlier this year with this pattern by vogue…


It’s V8633 and I love that vintage look,…. but some how I goofed in several places. Can you see in this pic? 

At first glance maybe not, but look closely at the hip area, wth!!  I ‘m still scratching my head,
and the shoulders….. 
v8633_3 v8633_2 v8633_5 
(Click to enlarge)

It’s like I’m lopsided or something, after I put in the zip,  well anywho.
Basically it didn’t work out :-(  I had some really major fit issues everywhere, so needless to say, it’s somewhere balled up @ the back of my closet.
I couldn't give up on the color combo, so I tried it again with this pattern, here’s the first shot.

Okay, not too bad @ 1st glance but…. once again, somehow I goofed in my alteration process. First off I made a FBA, IMG_3877 which wasn't that hard to do. I even made a muslin of the bodice to make sure the fit was good, here.
IMG_3875 IMG_3874
But in the process I also altered the waistline part, to match up to the bodice, and boy is it big and shapeless!! I didn't pay much attention to it thru the whole construction process either, lol.

s2888_4 s2888_1 s2888_2 s2888_3

Until I tried it on, after I completely finished the dress. Yes, I can go back and rip the seams apart to make it fit underneath the breast more better but @ this point….no!  Maybe later, when I can figure out exactly what to do. But for the time being , I ‘ll still kinda wear it…. lol.
Oh, and I’m not giving up on V8633 just yet, I do like the idea of trying it in yellow and black.
Til the next dilemma, lol

More Flounce with M6024

I have to confess, this has got to be one of my favorite patterns from McCalls. In fact I’ve actually managed to make all views, so you know by now I don't need instructions for this right, (lol). This time I decided to try out my binder foot and  I’ve been itching to use this attachment since I picked it up last year. I’m glad I got it, because it’s soo much easier to use than the snap-on I originally had (this one is a low shank by Brother). I decided to use a prepackaged binding in red on the flounces and I lurved it!  The trim helped define the flounces and break up the busy pattern print a bit, so that worked out well. Although I haven't quite mastered  fabric content/descripts, I know it’s a cotton blend that I picked up from Joanns last year, it’s not stiff but very light weight so it moves well, and I do love fabric that flows….
McCall 6024 (view A)

I’m moving this dress off my “cutting table” list, (if I can figure out how to do that, technically)and showing her completed! Here’s my Review:

Not a LBD, but a LB&WD….B5491

  Okay, okay, I realize this dress has been on the “In Progress” side of the page for some time now... truth is, I forgot how to change it, and it’s been completed for a few months!  This little dress has some versatility for me since I’ve worn it on an evening out, and to the festival in the park. I think it’s pretty jazzy but the midriff had me confused a little. Ok maybe not confused, but I must confess I am very lazy when it comes to hand sewing, grrrr!  Please don't poke me with needles, I know!  But the midriff requires some hand sewing and me…. well,  I’m all about quick, fast, and right now.
B54911 B5491

The fabric is a knit I purchased @ High Fashion Fabrics, and it is soo lovely!  It has weight but it’s lightweight with a beautiful drape, (yeah explained that clearly didn't I, lol)  Well this is clearly not a LBD, but it’s my Little Black & White Dress, and its special!

Happy B-Day 2 Moi! Oh, and V-1027….

It’z my birthday, get busy, It’z my birthday get busy…..(as I do the running man, lol)
I kicked the door open last year, and joined the 20/20 club and today it’s 20/20 plus 1!
Heck, I feel good and my hubby sais I look great, he’s a sweetie. But most importantly I thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to see 41! amen!!!!