M6752 | Printed Knit Dress

Happy Hump-day Lovelies!!!

I believe I picked this pattern up in 2013, with the full intention
of making this shirt!

V1236 | The DKNY 1-Hour dress! (2012)

 That's all it took to sew this baby up!  Now, were not talking cutting and layout time here,
 just actual sewing time. I found this cute seersucker at my local Hancocks,
and purchased what was left on the bolt (which was just enough)!

#1| Imma Juz B Honest

B5950 | Grey and Black Stripes

I hate wasting fabric....

S1610 | Floral & Leather Dress

Hellur, Happy Friday!!

I made this dress about 3yrs ago, it's been in draft mode waiting to be published. :-(
I posted this photo, in the FB group showing how I was attaching my faux leather trim..
It was extended, to make ties, but the pleather was stretchy.

Mo Camo!! | Circle Skirt and Mesh Tee Dupe

Ok, we've all established my love for camo right?!! Here, and here.

M6612 | Cowl Maxi

Hey Guys!! Long time no see, is it March yet? This year is moving too fast, gahhh.
I hope everything is going great for you in your sewing lab, my cave stays busy!! Unfortunately, I just can't seem to find time to blog about it!