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NL6488 | Shoulders Out!!

Let's be clear, shoulders are out!! 
Everywhere you go,  shoulders are on display.  Lately, all the Big-4 pattern releases
are keeping us on trend, and believe me I've coped just about every version!

B5758 | Ombre Racerback Dress

Happy Fri-yay!!
I hope you've had a productive week, and great sewing plans for the weekend!
I'm sure there'll be a lot of fabric sales with the holiday approaching and I've been trying hard not to purchase fabric lately.  I've put myself on a fabric diet,
and I haven't made not one purchase this year! (yay me!🙌)

M7579 | Nicole Miller Asymmetrical Seam-Detail Top

When I first saw this Nicole Miller top in the McCalls spring release, I knew almost 
 immediately that I was making it!  I love practically all her patterns, 
Not only did the silhouette of the top catch my eye, but the pants were cute too!

My World in Pictures

I miss my blog family!!😖😭
I realize they got apps for pics, but I wanna unload'em all here.
Yeah I got Insta, but this is my gram!
This post is pic heavy and not all sewing related. 
Hey Fam!!!✋🙈

M6752 | Printed Knit Dress

Happy Hump-day Lovelies!!!

I believe I picked this pattern up in 2013, with the full intention
of making this shirt!

V1236 | The DKNY 1-Hour dress! (2012)

 That's all it took to sew this baby up!  Now, were not talking cutting and layout time here,
 just actual sewing time. I found this cute seersucker at my local Hancocks,
and purchased what was left on the bolt (which was just enough)!