Burda 6919 | Another Little Black Dress

   In the past, I only owned a few Burda Style patterns. But recently I was able to grow my stash when a local Joann's was closing. To be honest my whole Big-4 stash grew, when all patterns were priced at $1.99!!! I was lucky to pick this one up because those pattern drawers were almost empty.

 Please excuse the location shots in my sewing cave, my other location is temporarly a gym for now, lol. (I'm on a fitness weight-loss journey, that 40/40 club gotta work-it-out!) More on that later!

  I was a little worried about whether or not I needed to add seam allowances, but thank
 goodness you don't for Burda Style. 

 I can't even explain how I mixed up putting the pleated sections opposite each other instead of where they belong according to the instructions. I didn't notice at all until I looked at the envelope. Oh well..... I digress.

Of course the cut out sleeves is what attracted me to this pattern, since I see
 it on a lot of RTW

I lucked up on this fabric from Fabricmartfabrics.com during one of their great sales.
 I went to order more but they seems to be sold out. It's a Ponte
 Knit with a rayon poly blend. Such a dream to sew and work with!

This was pretty easy to sew up, the instructions were very simple to follow. It was great 
not needing to alter anything just sewing it straight out the envelope!

Burda 6919 (for reference)

Til next time C-ya!!


  1. This is a pretty dress and I love the cut-outs on the sleeves.

  2. Very Very Nice. I wish I could have caught that sale as well. I think I only own 2 Burda patterns period. Have fun in your cute dress my dear!

    1. Thanx Melanie! I picked up a few Burda's, but I was all over the Vogue's, I've never paid $1.99 for them! It was a far drive but soo worth it.

  3. This is a cute dress! Glad to see a post from you!!!

  4. What a great LBD! Very Pretty!

  5. Love it! Great dress to throw on with some accessories and be ready for anything!

  6. I like this dress. Looks great on you!


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