M6744 | Ready for Summer

A couple weeks ago Adrienne posted a beautiful collection of her vacation dresses, and M6744 was in the lineup. I've had this pattern since it came out last summer, but didn't realize how cute it was til I saw Adrienne's.

I knew I had just the right fabric in my stash! A beautiful Oriental Floral Lattice
 ity knit, that I got from Fabricmart.
I picked this up with no clue what I was making with it, but I loved it so much. It came in a few different colorways, which I am now considering scooping up.
It looks great with a belt, or self fabric belt, which I forgot to take a pic of. :-/
Had to show my low-key split, lol.  The good thing is, it's really not so revealing! I love
how the dress shows the fabric off and the split is just enough sexy without overkill.

Yep, this is going to be in heavy rotation this summer, you know my love for Maxi's!

M6744 (for reference)
I need to improve my pattern cataloging system because I often purchase the same patterns more than once! I have soo many duplicate patterns, and this is one of them! If you don't have this one, but would like to try it I have one up for grabs!! Just comment below, and I will make a selection by 4-22-14.
If  the fabric is still in stock, you can get it herehere and here!
 Till my next post C-ya!!


  1. Love the dress, just right for summer. You take very nice pictures. Oh yes I'm a pattern duplicator as well so I probably already have two of that pattern (hehe).

  2. Great looking dress on you and I agree with Faye, you take very nice photos!

  3. Lovely colors on you and blend well with your hair ;)

  4. Mocha you look great in those colors and that dress. I would so love that pattern. Can you send it to me


  5. This dress looks great and the colors are perfect for you!

  6. I love maxis too! This looks great on you!

  7. I would love this pattern. I didn't grab it during the last sale. *insert sad face*

  8. I love your organizer in the background. What a brilliant idea to keep things together. Could you please share a pic of your sewing space.

    1. Hi Tindi, I'll be making a post on my sewing space soon! It's a bit small, but efficient for me. Thanx

  9. Hallo, much to my surprise, the fabric of your dress is the same as the one I made a shirt of for my grandchild- I live in Belgium and bought the fabric locally. What a coincidence! By the way your dress is stunning!
    Hilde Goossens- Bruges


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