Entering the Matrix (for Halloween) lol

Kwiksew 3052

MOT #1, and more!

My first entry in the," Month of Tops." is NewLook 6952.

This is my 2nd attempt @ a FBA, so i think I'm getting better. I love button down type shirts so I plan to make a few more for work.

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Simplicity 2579

As I mentioned in a couple of posts back, I'm playing catch-up! This was one of my many summer dresses which I love, the color is so vibrant! Now, anyone who knows me, also knows that I kinda stear clear of color,lol. I'm a "Black-Out" chic, open my closet and that's all you get, lol!

Well, after my client asked me, do I ever wear any color? It got me to thinking, this year, I will only make and buy fabrics in color....time for a change.