Ever been to a 70's Party

Have you ever been to a 70's party?
Well, I've been to a few, and they are hilarious, lol!!! A couple weeks ago, my co-worker decided to plan one for her husband, who was turning 50, so my husband and I decided to go!  (seriously, I really didn't think he would dress up, ha-ha). There are shops all around town, that cater to vintage and 70'  themed parties, so we decided to rent our "get-ups" from a place called "Color Explosion". The visit to the store is so nostalgic, the clothing is a mixture of disco and seventies. There, you can rent the entire outfit which includes, wig, shoes, cane, cape (lol) and accessories! Now, originally I was given a blonde fro, but it was Florida Evans size, ("Good Times") and  I wasn't feeling baby fro, so I called up Mom!

That's a Wrap!

I've been meaning to post this review for quite a while now, and yep, I can be a bit trife on occasion, lol.  But seriously it's been so freakin  hot here in Houston, I can barely focus on any one thing!! Schools out so I'm busy with the kids, work and home life, I swear sometimes I feel like all my energy is being zapped away every time I step outside. Truly, my only escape from this madness is my little sewing nook,  my retreat, lol.
 But back to my dress, now I realize it's been reviewed on PR like 67 gazillion times, and it's on the 2007 and 2008 best patterns list an all, oh, not to mention 2009 Hall of Fame, but anywayz, I still needed to try it out for myself, I mean, it's simply a classic!