S1365 | WIP's and a photo bomber

When Simplicity released their Summer patterns, I must admit I didn't immediately
 run to the site like I have in past, because lately it's only been one maybe 
two I'd purchase. But when I did get around to looking at the summer release,
 surprisingly I really liked quite a few of them! Hey-hey! 

Original Pattern

 Now this one in particular I was very fond of (check out the price). I've had this original pattern pinned on my board forever!!! I was too excited that they re-released it!!! 
My search was ova, ya hear, lol!  

This reminded me of the good ole seventies soo much! I couldn't even wait til it
 arrived in my local fabric store, so I downloaded the PDF! How bout that!

 So, I sewed it right up with some old fabric to see if there were any alterations
 I needed to make. I traced the size 14 and after sewing it up I had some gaping on the sides.

So I folded out a dart, which you can see below, and that seemed to do the trick. 
I wear a DD-cup so it was a little big so you can go from there far as sizing!

I think I will interface the midriff for more stability, so my rolls don't show, lol. 
This is probably the only type of halter I feel comfortable enough to wear, I cant
 do full belly, No! The peplum covers my tummy perfectly, I can get away with some jeans, shorts or a skirt.

I may need to extend the back peplum a inch or two to close it up a bit, but I'm satisfied that there is no spillage on the sides. I'm a seventies baby, well eighties too, and I love that era of clothing. I plan to remake this in denim & gingham, so I may or may not need midriff interfacing, depending on the weight of the denim.  

Oh, and that's my cheesy son doing the, "Nae-Nae" or whatever in the background. Chern I tell ya, supposed to be my photographer. :-/

For Reference

 Til my next post, C-ya!!


  1. Old as I am I LOVE that pattern too. You did a great job on it.

  2. I may take another look at that pattern.

  3. SUPER cute!

    LOL@ your son. I knew exactly what he was doing because my kids love that nonsense lol

    1. Thanx Adrienne! My son photobombs me everytime with this same dance in the background, lol!!

  4. I'm a 70's baby all the way...love it.

  5. Love the top! I think my son IS Nae Nae! LOL!!

  6. that looks great, I love 70's fashions, let's bring a few back :) P.S. I would never have believed you had a son that age - you look amazing.


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