M6570 | Flower Power

For this skirt, I picked this bold and loud printed fabric, from 
the quilting section of my local Joann's. Uh yeah!

I often times don't even go towards that section, unless I'm looking for broadcloth to line
 with, a ruler, some chalk or some safety pins.
But sis, it's some great prints in this section, it aint just for quilting, No!

When I first saw this pattern, I thought I saw that cover pic fabric in the quilting section, lol. But, I also loved the skirt itself. I love, love the wide band, it actually wraps around the waist.
I cant tie a pretty bow to save my life!!!!!  Ugggh, anyway!

I always wanted to try this framing effect, kinda like framing art in a picture or
 blocking, idk. I'm luvin that it has pockets which is always a plus for me. 
 Can I twirl in it?  Check, lol.

This skirt also came with a cute 1-tier petticoat pattern. I followed the pattern and only added 1 row of ruffling for the petticoat, but i think doubling it would look even fuller!

I didnt make the top, but it's cute too! Just paired it with a simple red T-shirt.
I just found a mustard T-shirt that looks great with this too.
Sidenote: I love JC Penny's T-shirts they are so soft and haven't faded!

M6570 | For Reference

Til my next post, C-ya!!


  1. Don't hurt'em chica. Love it. I need to do more skirts. I love them but rarely wear them. This is really cute.

    1. Thanx Melanie! I need more separates, I want to try the mermaid skirt next!

  2. Oh how cute! That fabric actually has a sister and brother match print as well! ;-) Have this skirt pattern and will definately pull it out for this season! The fabric I'm using also came from the quilting department! Good stuff over there!

    1. Thanx Carol! I'm not sleeping on the quilting section anymore,lol. I bet the colorway on those are awesome, need to check that out!

  3. Great colors, I love skirts, just haven't gotten back my sewing bug, but you have inspired me to just start!

  4. That skirt is too cute and my style! I definately love your style! I am a beginning sewist and I look at your work and get inspired when I am feeling un-inspired - Thank you! I have been looking for my next project, I have found two just browsing your blog :)


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