Update: Simplicity 2694..........any advice

Update: 4-9-09

I fixed the hole in this dress, with a little rigging. I purchased a roll of black fusible hem tape, I forgot the name. I cut out a small piece of fabric (square) and I tore off a piece of the tape, put it over the hole, placed the fabric over it, and steam pressed it. It blended almost seamlessly. I embroidered a flower in pink on top of it, worked like a charm! lol

Align CenterAs I mentioned in an earlier post, I am working on this dress, well I've actually completed most of it. I need to add a buttonhole and a hem, rolled maybe? Idk, well maybe shortening the dress slightly.

I was doing pretty good with this dress,....well at least ....until it was time to press. As usual I'm guilty of multi-tasking, you know, putting dinner on, help with homework, put the towels in the washer, sew a bit, peek in the oven, etc. Well anywho, I plugged my iron in to press some seams, and without looking at the temp. melted a nice little hole in my fabric! (I am sick)

Nasty eeh?! What can I possibly do about this? I refuse to trash this whole dress based on this hole, lol.

It doesn't look too bad from afar, but it is definitely there and ugly.

Any suggestions? Maybe cover it with something? Idk


  1. you could cover that hole with an applique from the fabric or have some fun, get some lace and create a whole new look by covering the area with lace, depending on the location. i keep a piece of muslin at my ironing board and use it as a pressing cloth or you can buy pressing cloths, either way always use a pressing cloth,even when you are ironing RTW.

  2. If you have enough of the fabric left you could bind the edges to cover it, or cut off the hole and add bands instead. You'd have to unpick the ends of the collar, and the empire seam, but that's a whole lot less work than a new dress, and it's way too nice to trash!

    My tagline on Patternreview is "There are no sewing mistakes, only opportunities for design features" and I live by that! If you make whatever repair you do a design feature, it might even make the dress better for you. Good luck.


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