Butterick 4985 completed!

I finally completed this blouse Monday, and it was pretty easy to follow. I'm just focusing now on better finishes. As I mentioned before, I'm getting more acquainted with my serger so that my projects can look less homemade, ya know. Since I'll be the only one, (and my daughter) wearing my experiments, were not going to worry about my white thread I used on the inside. lol I'm still learning! Plus, my nearest Hancock doesn't have a big selection on serger cone colors, and I'm sticking with that excuse for now

The inside looking better.

Me likey!

I know some reviewers on PR, didnt care for the puffy sleeves, but that's what attracted me to this pattern, it's that detail that makes it different from all my other similar shirt patterns. I'm still learning many basic techniques, so I'm not comfortable yet with altering patterns, but the bust area is a lil snug, thank goodness it's stretch poplin. A bust adjustment lesson is on my to-do list. I think the next time I make this, I'd want it a lil longer too.


  1. Very cute, love the pink. I love my serger and I have quite an assortment of cone thread, thank God for peg boards.

  2. Very cute! I am scare of a serger with all the cone thread on it!LOL
    I know I know I need to invest in one cause I like the way it make your clothes look on the inside.

  3. On PR you said you considered yourself a beginner? I'm glad to see you listed at least an intermediate..although in MHO you are more than both of those ..that blouse is beautifully done.....Insides look great too...good job.....thanks for sharing.

  4. It's so pretty inside and out. Great top! I'm too scared to do one of these because of all the buttonholes.

  5. Looking good, lady. I like the puffy sleeves.

  6. Please stop by my blog to pick up an award that I have for you there.


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