Peasantly Hippie

I've had this old McCalls pattern for soo long, I know it's out of print! I have always figured I needed a really interesting sheer fabric that had some type of print. I think I've found it!

I'm really feeling view A, without the ties. Really flowy, sexy, elegant.

Well actually when I picked this fabric up, I had a few others in mind also.....

McCalls 5050

Kwiksew 3065

I guess you may think to yourself, there's some type of weird theme going on here..... Yep, I lurv these tops!!! Although they all seem to look very similar, in my eyes they are all very different, and yes, I probably will make each and every look. lol But seriously, this reminds me soo much of the 70's hippie era, and I always loved to see mom and her friends in their peasant frocks, rimmed glasses, flower in hair and of course platforms, yoyo's or any type of Candies shoes.

Alright, enuff of memory lane, I've got 3-patterns, and 3.5 yrdz of tha good stuff above.
I'll post the one I decided to go with soon!


  1. I am loving the fabric!!Thats is going to be cute made with that pattern.

  2. Just happened on your blog today. Love your chocolate and pink. Will be looking in again.


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