My New Dress Form!

I've wanted a dress form for like forever, but I really wanted one that was more true to 
my own size. Ive always seen and liked the ones that people made themselves,
 but was unsure if I could do it properly. 

Well here she is, "Lady Mocha"

 I dont know anyone in my area that sews, heck I personally don't know anyone besides
 my mom that sews, period. (Mom travels a lot) Every time I run the idea by my hubby,
 of wrapping me up in layers of duct tape, he laughs and sais, " I can buy you one of those things."
Well, I know that, but it's a little more customised to make one, duh!
 Anywho, I purchased the supplies I needed, and my 11year old son and
 7 year old daughter was eager to help Mom out!
Of course once hubby saw how serious I was, he gave in! I actually had the help 
of 3-tapers, so it was a lot of fun. The kids were so amused, and dad thought he was a pro.

Of course she is my duct tape baby, and I stuffed her with polyfill, sprayed her with
 3m adhesive, put a paperthin layer of batting on her to smooth her out, and make pinning easier, and I made a nice snug fit knit cover for her so the kids could quit smurking!! lol

I gave her a butterfly tatoo, lol.


  1. This is the best duct tape dress form I have ever seen. I love how you extended the arms a bit and I was thinking of doing that myself. I will follow your ideas when I create my own.

  2. I want one but I'm still working up the nerve/patience to do it, yours looks great, love the tattoo.

  3. I agree with Bunny. This is the best duct tape dress form I have ever seen as well. I think I will show it to my hubby for inspiration!
    By the way, I just found your blog.

  4. Your diy dressform is the best I've seen! You and your 3 tapers (LOL) did an absolutely amazing job on it. I'm glad I found your blog and I look forward to seeing more from you.

  5. I like the butterfly tatoo!!LOL

  6. Awesome dressform! I would've never guessed this was made from duct tape!! What kind of knit did you use? It almost looks like a stocking...

  7. Have you used your form to make anything yet? I"m in the process of making one, but I sure like how yours looks so professional, all smooth with the nice straight black lines. Mine is still in the "silver" stage. How do you have it mounted?

  8. Umm... wow! I have never seen a duct tape dress form come out this well.

  9. I am truly AMAZED! I have seen some ducked taped dressforms and I look at them like that looks absolutely RIDICULOUS but this right here is AMAZING! I'm a DIY'er and guess what I'm about to do this. The dressform's hip are like 15 inches smaller than mine. OHHHHHHHHHHH it's on now.....BTW you have just got a new follower cause I'm loving this here blog!

  10. Thamk you soo much! I still use her for fitting and pinning especially when doing muslins. Go for it! Mimi G. had a video some years back that I used to guide me. Best of luck!


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