Fabric Store Visit

I hadn't been to the fabric store in some time, so on my lunch break I decided to go to my local Joann's to pick up some notions. I came across quite a few nice fabrics to play with! They also had McCalls on sale @ 1.99, so of course I had to pull up a chair and flip thru the pages. Now, I did have a list at home of some I wanted to try, but all is great none the less. Here's a few I picked:

Really digging this wrap dress.

I'm also digging pretty much all the Hillary Duff collection!

Really, it's time for me to go thru my fabric stash, I'm sure I have something interesting to try with these great patterns. Of course, some fabrics I have no idea what to do with:

This fabric is bold, shimmery and it has a lot of stretch to it.

Here's some new fabrics I picked up at Joann's yesterday:

Looks like I have enuff for spring break week to stay busy!


  1. You picked some great patterns. And those fabrics--ooh la la!!! I can't wait to see your FOs with these. Re: pattern classes, EWS will be offering classes online really soon! Just send them your email to get the notice. http://www.ewsacademy.org/

  2. I got that same wrap dress pattern and I'm really looking forward to trying it out. Be sure to post pictures when you get to it!

  3. Hi, I found your blog via PR and dropped in. Good start and some nice finds from JA. Enjoy.


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