Incomplete Projects.........

I confess, it's been quite a while since I've actually sewn anything.

I went to visit my mom the other day and she had quite a few projects she was working on. (I love to see her in action) A few re-designs, you know..... the skirt from one outfit, top from another, few darts here and there etc. Usually I just watch her, but on this day she inspired me. lol Yep, we ripped the lining out of a dress to make it fit better, she took a large dress cut it down to fit her perfectly! I must say, it did awaken my sewing mojo, in fact I decided to dust off my old machines, take them out of the closet and tackle some of my incomplete projects.

I had to think back,.... why did I stop sewing anyway? hymn..... Ooh I remember, my sewing area was turned into a sitting room! Hubby's idea, well, it's time for a transformation.
After reading a few blogs, finding out there are so many women like myself that enjoy sewing, I was so inspired again. I have rolled out my sewing
cabinet, re-aligned the screen on my machine, re-threaded my serger and opened up my project chest!

I found a dress I started on a few years back, well okay, maybe 7yrs back, I know-I know. lol Yes, its been a long while. I just refuse to start on something new til I finish this dress.

It's an old pattern from Vogue by Anna Sui, the Attitudes collection. You can hardly see the dress here, but it's the black & white checkered dress. It's a wrap halter dress. Here's a better shot, I hope... I'm sure it's out of print.

Here's a pic of my unfinished dress, notice my fabric choice.....bold huh...

Front view

Side view

The Lost Pocket

The Back

Now, I was pretty adventurous with the fabric I chose, I mean, I liked it, back then and I still do. But now, I'm somewhat a lil more toned down. (does that make sense?) Anywho, it's a lil too short, I didn't hem it so, I'm thinking of adding a few inches to the hemline. This weekend I'll be on the lookout for a contrasting color preferably in drk. brown. I was thinking of also trimming the pockets in brown (they are lost in the busy fabric) and making the tie ends that wrap around in brown also. What do you think?

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