A Lil Mermaid

I don't make a lotta skirts, but when I made this one it was sooo comfortable and easy I had to make it again, and again and again......

I've always loved the silhouette of the mermaid dress or skirt. However, I've never 
had much success in finding any that flattered my invisible lady humps.
 Most mermaid skirts that I've tried on, didn't really fit me, or gave 
me that "BAM", I was hoping for, lol. 

It could be, because they were made in a woven fabric, and I'm slightly hip-less, I dunno. So basically, over the years I felt like this style wasn't right for my body shape.
Then I came across a blog post, from a fellow blogger Shari over @ MyDailyThreadz.  She explained in a video post, how to draft it in a knit fabric based on your own measurements, qeee!!!

 I thought  I'd give it a try! I mean, if it didn't look right, I could always make it into a pencil skirt, right?!  I  made my first one in black, and I really loved the fit! 
It gave ME, a chic with No Hips, lol, a more curvier silhouette, yay!

Stretch pose
I didn't just stop at that one,

Stretch pose
 I made this one....

Stretch pose
 ....and this one too!


.... and it looked great with my Jalie2804 tops, which btw I have an arsenal of. It's actually my "tnt" knit top favorite! I've made these tops in prints, solids and color blocked. So yeah, my fav! 

This skirt wears very comfortably, just slip it on with a tee!

I rock them in my favorite boots or sandals, just sayin!

Much love to you, Shari I'm loving my mermaid skirts!
Thanx for stopping by, til next time...


  1. All are beautiful, but oh - the camo one - I want!

    1. Yes Faye,
      I agree, the camp one would sell out if it was in the shops.

  2. Love, love, love. I agree the camo one is the business! Great work. I must try Shari's instructions.

  3. All of these skirts are FAB-U-LOUS! I agree...the cammo is my fave, then the denim looking one. Know you are glad you found the info that got you these...now WERK!!!

  4. Hopped over from Mimi's group! Cute blog and love the skirts too!

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