M6696 | A Shirtdress that Fits

Hey Sew Family, missed you!

I've always struggled when it comes to finding a great fitting shirt, blouse or even 
shirtdress for that matter. When you're top heavy or a big busted gal, nothing ever fits right 
especially if it buttons up! Off the rack I often deal with the infamous gaping, or have to settle for
 a full blousey, or shapeless fit. This is one reason why I love sewing, "fit and options"!  When I came across this pattern I immediately loved all the options, full or straight skirt, sleeveless, short sleeve and quarter length sleeves. I love a yoke back but most importantly, "no need to do an FBA"  
this baby includes multiple cup sizes!!! What's not to love!

  I've had this yellow cotton swiss dot in my stash for a long time, clueless about what to do 
with it!  I ordered 4yrds from Fabricmart when they were running a sale a few years back, I tend to stash and figure it out later, lol. (I can't be the only one that does this, huh?!)

I love the fitted bodice, no gaping at all!!!  No fba's or pattern adjustments on this one. 
The only adjustments were adding a lining!

The pleated back is gorg., I like how it's full in that area, yet fitted in the front and did I mention 
I have waist definition, yeah!!  I originally made this dress for Easter but wore it for Mother's day,
 I felt pretty dainty that day.

 This fabric sewed and pressed flawlessly. It's kinda sheer, but not see thru,
 perfect for our climate. I couldn't button it on the manni, but it fits fine. I've dropped a few 
pounds so I need to unstuff her a little, ;-)

I didn't line the bodice, but decided to line the skirt in a thin white cotton I found in the quilting 
section at Hancock's. (I buy this by the bolt in black, white and cream for lining purposes,
 with my coupons of course, js!) 

It took me forever to hem this dress, not because it was hard, I just hate hemming!!  It's the 
last thing I do, so I tend to procrastinate. Is it awful that I have a closet full of unhemmed dresses?!
                                                                 :- /  Yeah, I kno.......

In the process of applying all  6,756 buttons, I've discovered a genius way of keeping them 
put while I sew them all down!

 After I've stitched all the buttonholes in, I mark the area, making sure they're lined up correctly....

....then I add some glue on the back with my handy dandy glue stick! Press it down in place 
making sure my holes are straight the way I want them,  and proceed to sew them one after 
another without stopping to adjust or re-align! Genius right!? lol 
(M6696 for my references)

Til next time, C-ya!!


  1. I love your dress! The color is magnificent on you and the fit....you look lovely! Great job!
    See me @ www.sewplus.blogspot.com

  2. This dress is phenomenal!! The color. The print. The fit. It's perfect! Love it.

    1. Thanx soo much Kathy, you got me working on s1106 right now!

  3. Your dress is sensational. I love the fit, fabric, colour everything! I love that colour but just can't wear it due to my sallow skin but really it's just gorgeous on you. Nice bust fit... I may have to get that pattern... there are a lot of options there too.

    1. Thanx Summer Flies, it took me years to wear any other shade than black. I swore off yellows and orange, felt I was too dark for it! I found out that find the right tone (mustard, lemon or pastel) is what I should look into. BTW, still haven't found the right orange, lol!😄

  4. Beautiful colour, fit...everything! I just started this one and your result keeps me motivated!

    1. Thanx Janet, good luck on yours! I'm really loving this, keep me posted and let me know if you need help!

  5. I love it! Stash and figure it out later! So me, we should never do material shopping together!
    Lovely frock, you look so gorgeous and the colour pops.
    And, yes, you are genius. Why didn't j ever think to sew the buttons on first?

  6. Good to see you again! This looks fabulous on you! Such a great color! Good tip on the buttons too!

  7. Lovely work as always ;) Thanks for sharing your tip :)

  8. Long time no see!

    I love the shirt dress!!!! I feel like I am the only person who can't make this pattern work - wah!!!!!! I'm going to give it another go because like you, I think the fullness in the back manages to be so dainty, girly and beautiful!

  9. This is an absolutely adorable dress! I would have totally looked past this pattern if it wasn't for your review! Now I want to run out and buy it! Great work and you look beautiful in it!

  10. Beautiful color and great dress. You wear it well. I have been considering this very pattern for some time now.

  11. I always love your posts so I am so glad to see your recent sewing adventures, as always they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I found this post looking for pictures before I make my own 6696. Just had to leave a comment because your execution is amazing! Fit, color, style are all perfect!

  13. I too was looking for M6696 examples, and this one is stunning! I LOVE the swiss dot, and you look simply beautiful in it. Way to go!


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