S1283| Camo Crazy

Like many in the sewing community, I was very excited to hear about Mimi G.'s collaboration 
with Simplicity! I've been inspired by her creations for many years,  and couldn't wait 
for the release of her patterns. 


I was very happy, and lucky my local Hancock had both her patterns when they came out, 
so I snatched them up almost as soon as they put them on the shelves! What's even more awesome
 as the beautiful, hip patterns, was the step-by-step video tutorials released in 
conjunction with both patterns!

For the new sew sistas, the visual tutorials are extremely helpful. I'm not a newbie but I really 
enjoy learning things visually and Mimi's tutorials always has great techniques, and easier methods plus I always pick up something new!šŸ‘

About this ensemble....... Loving it!

I didn't bother reading the instructions, I just followed along with the tutorial. I made a few adjustments along the way. I added 2.5" to the crop top to lengthen it a tad, but still have that crop look!  I added 2" to the sleeves, just for assurance sake but really didn't need to. I cut the 14 size for the skirt based on the finished measurements. I normally wear a 16, so I blended up to the 16 waistband for a comfier fit! (didn't want spillage above and below the waistband, lol)

The top was easy to assemble, and I find it's a great staple piece. Now for the daring, you 
can wear it as is, "cropped",  or you can add a few inches as I did or even a few more and its a great mock turtleneck! I've already drafted a nice dress from this top to wear with my favorite blazer.

I'm also truely diggin this high waisted pencil skirt! Of course I have some already, but I love the fact that I can use up some of my left over fabric, (that I hate to throw away) as the side panels. The possibilities are endless so many design options leather, plaids, piping more color blocking etc.

S1283 for Reference 

Camo Crazy

I saw this "Ponte Camo" fabric earlier in the spring at Fabric Mart, and put it on my wishlist that morning. Well, by the time I got home it was only a 1/2 yard left !!   I was sick, ... seriously! 
A few weeks later it was back in stock, and they had a sale on knits soo you kno 
I copped 6yards!!   Uhm yes I did,... since I'm Camo Crazy, lol.   I made quite a few things with it, and  promise to post it later. In the meantime, I've been scouring the net for a cotton blend camo of some sorts to do a peplum blazer. If you come across any, please do share!

Til next time See-ya!!


  1. This is such a cute interpretation of Mimi's pattern and looks awesome on you!

  2. I love your outfit !
    It's really great on you !
    I love the combo of the black and como fabric !

  3. Wow, great job! Great use of camo, making something dressy!

  4. Incredible. I have never given this pattern a second look, but now I want to copy your rock star style! Amazing job and nice use of camo.

  5. Mimi has been a go to for many ladies. I always enjoy seeing people take her things and make them their own. That is the whole point of style, tailor it to you and be fierce with it. You look great and looking forward to the other camo creations.


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