Second time, just as charming...

You kno, it is not easy trying to be your own photographer. Me and this darn remote........
 I didn't get many shots of the full dress, like I wanted, but I guess these are okay..
I had to lay my son off,  from his photographer job, because he likes to play with the settings and then I have to re-figure them out, smh.

McCall's 6558
Soo,  I purchased a remote on Amazon, (what took me soo long!!!) best decision ever! I don't quite have the timer down like I want, but it's not that bad. Taking pics outside, uhm no it's too hot for that, even in the evenings!

 I actually made this dress the same day I made this one. I originally planned to make two maxi's, but I miscalculated  the yardage on the fabric, and ended up with a midi instead. It still turned out fine, and I truly cant express enough about how comfortable and cool these dresses are in the summer months. I can honestly say I'm well stocked now! I just completed my last one (McCall's 6559) for the summer collection, I think.;-)

As I mentioned in a post before, this version looks different from the drawing, because
 I added my own little ruffle. I didn't hem this dress nor the ruffle either, I rolled
the hem with the same thread in the serger from the other dress. I mean, since it was
already threaded in red, and I hate re-threading and hemming anyways...

This was very easy and quick to sew, so its a instant gratification pattern.
Say "I", if you just want to sew something easy to get your mojo going!
Me, me, me..

C-ya next time!


  1. You look amazing!!! I love, love this dress!

  2. Gorgeous. I have a timer on my phone but need to actually sew before I can pop it on the tripod lol

    1. That's cool, and yes Sassy your butt needs to sew something lol!

  3. Super cute! Love the color! You're the reason I bought this pattern:)

  4. Very elegant! You look great!

  5. You look smashing!!! L*VE that red! Your pics are AWESOME! May I ask what kind of camera do you have? TIA :)

  6. I love this dress, simple yet chic.


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