A Midi from a Maxi?!

 When I first saw this fabric, I knew right away it was going to be a maxi dress. I don't do very many striped fabrics because it seems like it could be a lot of work, depending on the design. Soo, I prefer to keep it simple.

  I actually purchased this gauze fabric along with many others last year @ Hancock's when they had a really good sale on it. So it's been in my closet folded away begging to be made this summer, and when I saw  M6558, I felt it could work!

 Although I purchased 3.5 yards of fabric I didn't make note that it was only 44"!  What?? Noo!!! 
I wanted this to be a Maxi, oh well I'll settle for a....Midi, lol.

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 I  chose to make view E,  and with the exception of the length being shorter, it was incredibly easy to make.

 I drafted a simple ruffle to go around the bodice, with the stripes going horizontal since that's pretty much what I had left. I didn't hem the ruffle instead I just serged a rolled hem on the edges.

 I also did the same for the dress hem too, I mean who hates hemming?? Meeee I sewed this in few hours, right before going to a barbeque, a total win, win for me. it was soo fast, when I returned home I made another one! Maxi length of course.


 I'm not sure if you've heard, but Sunni is having a sewalong! It's a 2 n 1, yep shirt and wrap dress using Simplicity1880 .

 I already have this one in my stash, so I will be joining in, besides who doesn't love a cute shirtdress! This one has so many different options, sleeves, bodice and don't you love a notched collar. So go ahead, grab a badge and join in!

Till my next post, C-ya!!


  1. Wow, that is such a cute dress and looks fabulous on you!  I really like what you did with the ruffle too, it adds just the right pazzaz for this dress!  and the colors are perfect for your complexion too...I agree, it's a win, win all the way around for you!!  Would like to see your other one in the maxi length too!

  2. Well done!  Nice fabric selection!

  3. Your dress is so cute! I really like it. I want to make this dress too but I was afraid it would look like a tent. After seeing yours, I'm going to give this pattern a try.

  4.  Thanx Niema, give it a try it takes no time at all to make.

  5.  Hey Myra, thank you lady it's coming up next!

  6. Very cute! I love your fabric. I HATE when that happens lol. I actually just cut this one out a couple hours ago lol. I plan on wearing it today. The fabric that I WANTED to use, I didn't have enough of it lol.

  7. Your dress looks great!! I found your blog from your review you did on sewingpatternreview.com. I'm making this dress for a friend and she wants view d. Wish me luck as this will be my first attempt at making any type of clothing for anyone besides myself (I'm still getting the hang of that).

  8. Hello and thanx Shannon, it's not all fitted with darts or anything so it'll be a breeze. Good luck!!

  9. Those colors are simply yummy on you! And the shoes look gorgeous with it. I would say running out of your fabric was a happy accident. I loooovvvee maxi dresses and practically live in them. But I think it would have been a crime not to show your beautiful legs and shoes with this print. :0) Also, so much of sewing is adapting to what happens as you go along and you couldn't have done that better.


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