Ever been to a Toga Party?

Me neither, lol  but I've been to a few cocktail parties ya kno!  When I first saw this Grecian inspired dress, by Cynthia Rowley I knew I had to make it. I loved the one shoulder idea, it's so Roman-like.

I always kept this photo I saved from asewnwardrobe blogpost for inspiration. 
I love the color combo, even the shoulder strap and that bag!

I definitely had to go to P.R. to check out the reviews on construction. Believe me,
once I cut out those pattern pieces for the skirt section, they did look pretty weird to me.
I cut a 14, but made a few needed alterations. I did a fba on the bust so the waistline 
placement could be correct. Then I added a few inches to the midriff section as others advised
so it wouldn't be too short! I also decided not to use the shoulder strap.

The skirt portion has this odd big dart in it, that could lead to head scratching 
along with a few oddly placed pleats. (it really didn't look symmetrical)  But don't fret, 
somehow it goes together wonderfully, and the dart is actually hidden
 so it works out! I'm a sucker for pockets as you know so that's a plus.;-)

To create the bubble-like shaping, there's an interfaced facing, shaped in a ring that's
 added to the hemline
and slipstitched in place. I opted to just use steam-a-seam instead.

It's a winner for me, I've worn it twice already and I've gotten great compliments. 
Very fun to wear in fact, I'm making it in white, for an all white party coming up!


  1. I love the elegant look of the fabric you used.

  2. I have. In college. That's all I have to say about that.....

  3. Absolutely stunning. Suits you a T.

  4. Very cute dress!!! I love me some steam-a-seam!!!

  5. It looks great, but good thing you added a few inches to the length.  It's still pretty short!  But such a lovely dress on you.

  6. Great dress! You look absolutely adorable in it! I know you will look stunning in a white one too!

  7. Great choice Lady!!! It compliments you in every single way and actually looks better than on the pattern envelope. I'm curious, what fabric did you use?

  8. Stunning dress. Great Job! 

  9. I wanna say it's Gabardine I think, see that's what happens when you have fabric too long, lol.
     I'm on a fabric diet so I'm just using up what's in my closet, the only things I kno for sure is knits!

  10. Love all your dresses, but the shape of this is perfect for my body "pear".
    Great jobs!

  11. OK, Honey boo boo child!!! I just this very moment found your blog, and I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!! (so get used to me, ok? ok!) I loooovvvve this dress on you! I've gotta go, I'm on my lunch break, but I shall be back!! LOL


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