Blue Monday.......

...but I'm not feeling blue!  This blue mystery fabric which I found @ Walmart almost 9
years ago, finally became something, lol ;-)  It's a kinda linen like  fabric, but with a lil stretch to it. I still have a ton left, since I couldn't walk away from a bargain.  If you're a stasher like me, there may be quite 
a few fabrics that don't know who they wanna be in your stash too!!

Speaking of  fabric stashes, I think I have a problem. Some fabrics in my stash, are too nice to be cut! I keep saying, I must find the perfect pattern for you!! Seriously, I can't cut them! Hopefully, with some of the new Fall releases, I'll find patterns that are worthy enuff for my lovely fabrics. I'm seriously digging some of the new Vogue releases, they look pretty promising!!   Btw,  Am I the only one with this problem?!  O-o

This dress has become one of my favorites over the summer, it wears easily and fits comfy. I suppose the fabric choice plays a big role as well as design. No alterations were needed this time around for me, although for Divas my height (5'9) this is where the hemline stops if no alts are made. Usually I'll add 2-3" but the length is okay, considering the temps in my area.

Dress: B5600

                                                            Fabric: Linen type (mystery fabric)
 Shoes: Tar'jay (Target)
Shades: Marshalls
Jewelery: Random

I hope everyone is doing great and your Fall, feels accordingly. It feels pretty summery here, so I havent quite gotten into Fall sewing. However, stay tuned I have a few giveaways planned for my readers!
C-ya soon!! xoxo


  1. I love your "blue" dress, looks great on you! I actually have the same pattern. You have inspired me to get cracking on it!!!

  2. Perfect color for that dress and it looiks great on you. I am definitely a fabric stasher.

  3. I am a stasher as well! Such a pretty dress and appropriate for Texas summers.

  4. Love the dress, it looks fab.


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