Well, I’ll still kinda wear it....and Happy Halloween

     Yep, this dress wore me out a little, but I’ll still kinda wear it.  I’ve had this pattern for a while, and you know I like anything with inseam pockets, so I was just waiting to find what I wanted to make it with. Now I’ve had this plaid/check fabric (hard to see, but click to enlarge images)  I purchased from Denver fabrics for 2 years. I’ve always wanted to try using more than 1 color combinations, so this pattern S2888 seemed perfect!
    But first, … let me rewind.  I’ve actually attempted this combo before earlier this year with this pattern by vogue…


It’s V8633 and I love that vintage look,…. but some how I goofed in several places. Can you see in this pic? 

At first glance maybe not, but look closely at the hip area, wth!!  I ‘m still scratching my head,
and the shoulders….. 
v8633_3 v8633_2 v8633_5 
(Click to enlarge)

It’s like I’m lopsided or something, after I put in the zip,  well anywho.
Basically it didn’t work out :-(  I had some really major fit issues everywhere, so needless to say, it’s somewhere balled up @ the back of my closet.
I couldn't give up on the color combo, so I tried it again with this pattern, here’s the first shot.

Okay, not too bad @ 1st glance but…. once again, somehow I goofed in my alteration process. First off I made a FBA, IMG_3877 which wasn't that hard to do. I even made a muslin of the bodice to make sure the fit was good, here.
IMG_3875 IMG_3874
But in the process I also altered the waistline part, to match up to the bodice, and boy is it big and shapeless!! I didn't pay much attention to it thru the whole construction process either, lol.

s2888_4 s2888_1 s2888_2 s2888_3

Until I tried it on, after I completely finished the dress. Yes, I can go back and rip the seams apart to make it fit underneath the breast more better but @ this point….no!  Maybe later, when I can figure out exactly what to do. But for the time being , I ‘ll still kinda wear it…. lol.
Oh, and I’m not giving up on V8633 just yet, I do like the idea of trying it in yellow and black.
Til the next dilemma, lol


  1. Well we all know that wadders happen. Although the first didn't work out to your liking, I loved your color blocking. It's cool you used that in your next dress which turned out FABULOUS! Until you mentioned the bust snafu, I would have never noticed--it looks great (wink)!

  2. Both of your styles are lovely, it takes a lot for me to step out of the box so I commend you for trying something different.

  3. I recently have had the same sewing/fitting issues. I am still trying to make my dress work!

  4. Thank you ladies for the confidence boost. Fitting is a major problem for me, I'm always stumped. Believe me this is not my 1st or last wadder.
    Wish there were classes near me, I'm still learning.

  5. I love it - I am going to add your first Vogue pattern to my wish list. I don't think it's a wadder - it looks really very comfortable I have trouble getting waist/bodice bands straight - it's something I've been struggling with . . . but in reality I would WEAR both your dresses.

  6. I think it looks wearble! A+ for effort for sure.

  7. The color and styles are very flattering on you!

  8. Wadders are very, very disapointing because of the time and money spent on them! However, you second dress is beautiful! Looks very nice on you and love the color combination!

  9. Hey there! It will be so nice to see your posts again - you sew such pretty things. Looking forward to seeing your top designs. Please send me your email address so I can get you signed right up.

  10. Actually, I have that first vogue pattern 8633, but I have not used it yet. I will make sure I do a muslin before I cut fabric! Your second try is beautiful. I see no flaws at all. Great job!!


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