McCalls 5972, and my first FBA

First off, when I saw this I thought it was adorable! I love the ruffles and of course a sheath dress is a classic. But seriously, ...I have fitting issues, ... and this is a fitted dress! I really wanted this dress for a holiday party, but I have never done a bust adjustment, ...which is really needed. Well, I purchased this pattern when it was on sale, and traced the front and back bodice pieces to practice on. I also found my only and favorite book on fitting, Fit for Real People, by Palmer Pletsch.
I followed the instructions and they were really good, but I know I need more work on this. I made several muslins for 5972, and my dart placement is still questionable, lol.

It's not complete, I still need to finish the arm holes and hemming. I'll consider this a wearable muslin, lol. Eeeew, I could just scream, the chiffon, the chiffon well it wasn't very hard to work with as I thought. A little starch and she was easy to cut and sew, however, once again I did this......

Yep, I burned a hole, right in the front..............uh, huh, yes i did. I've lost several cool points for that, lol. And, and... my darts are too, I dont
 Basically, I'm unsure on HOW to correctly place them after the adjustment. The fit is okay, but them darts are pointing to high upwards, or something, lol.

I love the dress, the instructions overall were very easy to follow. So I will muster up the courage to try this again, the party isnt until November so I do have a lil time.

I just need to go to FBA school, before I conquer another fitted bodice that's not a knit!


Hold up! I've got a parting shot for ya, see if you can figure out what happened here, lol....

Yes, it is what you think, like I said .....muslin!


  1. This is hot hot hot! I love it. So glad to see it sewn up! Now it's on my list! LOL

  2. I love, love, love this. I just bought this today at the Hancock sale. Your dress just makes me that much more excited.

  3. Sorry about the hole in the dress. That muslin looks great on you. I have not seen this pattern. I am going to have to put this on my list also.

  4. I found you on pattern review. I love the dress and your style. I am a student at FIDM. visit me on my blog

  5. I love that dress!!! I just found your blog through patternreview. I just bought that pattern yesterday and can't wait to make it.

  6. Muslin! Lady you are workin' that muslin. You look outstanding!

  7. That is a fabulous muslin dress and it is gorgeous on you. That's why hate working with zippers they are so fickle.

    Thanks for the lovely compliment on my dress.


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