B.W.O.F. 7/09 - 117

Up until now, I've never sewn anything from BWOF, I've actually been quite intimidated by the whole tracing aspect, and sewing without actual construction pictures, lol. Well, the July issue I must say was really my style'. I heard soo many reviews on PR, about the 2/09 issue, (which I am still hunting for, btw) I was sure I missed the better issues. Then, my mag arrived and I almost couldn't decide what I wanted to try first, so I kept it simple for my first try!

I picked this top, since it was one dot and considered pretty easy, and believe me it was! I decided to use one of the vibrant border fabrics from High Fashion Fabrics, it's very light-wt and cool. The instructions originally called for 10 rows of shirring, but I seriously needed like 15 more, in a addition to that! The top perimeter band, i decided to use a rolled hem, in a contrasting black instead of hemming. It seems to pop against the red. I also hemmed the bottom using a rolled hem to match the top.

I added about 4 extra inches to the length to show off the print. It's originally tunic length, but i rock this as a dress with leggings of course! Instead of using the zig-zag stitch across the elastic, i used the elastic thread in my bobbin for shirring which worked out better imo!

Overall, I really like this simple but cute top, It's been worn several times this summer, lol.
I've got even more, pieces out of this issue that i will be reviewing coming up soon.


  1. Very cute top, I've never tried a BWOF pattern either, I'm just too lazy to do all that tracing lol.

  2. I just found your blog from your review in PR and I am going to enjoy reading through it. I love this top. I love how you used the border print with the hint of black at the top to tie it all in. Very cute!


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