Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Lil Mermaid

I don't make a lotta skirts, but when I made this one it was sooo comfortable and easy I had to make it again, and again and again......

I've always loved the silhouette of the mermaid dress or skirt. However, I've never 
had much success in finding any that flattered my invisible lady humps.
 Most mermaid skirts that I've tried on, didn't really fit me, or gave 
me that "BAM", I was hoping for, lol. 

It could be, because they were made in a woven fabric, and I'm slightly hip-less, I dunno. So basically, over the years I felt like this style wasn't right for my body shape.
Then I came across a blog post, from a fellow blogger Shari over @ MyDailyThreadz.  She explained in a video post, how to draft it in a knit fabric based on your own measurements, qeee!!!

 I thought  I'd give it a try! I mean, if it didn't look right, I could always make it into a pencil skirt, right?!  I  made my first one in black, and I really loved the fit! 
It gave ME, a chic with No Hips, lol, a more curvier silhouette, yay!

Stretch pose
I didn't just stop at that one,

Stretch pose
 I made this one....

Stretch pose
 ....and this one too!


.... and it looked great with my Jalie2804 tops, which btw I have an arsenal of. It's actually my "tnt" knit top favorite! I've made these tops in prints, solids and color blocked. So yeah, my fav! 

This skirt wears very comfortably, just slip it on with a tee!

I rock them in my favorite boots or sandals, just sayin!

Much love to you, Shari I'm loving my mermaid skirts!
Thanx for stopping by, til next time...

Monday, August 31, 2015

M6696 | A Shirtdress that Fits

Hey Sew Family, missed you!

I've always struggled when it comes to finding a great fitting shirt, blouse or even 
shirtdress for that matter. When you're top heavy or a big busted gal, nothing ever fits right 
especially if it buttons up! Off the rack I often deal with the infamous gaping, or have to settle for
 a full blousey, or shapeless fit. This is one reason why I love sewing, "fit and options"!  When I came across this pattern I immediately loved all the options, full or straight skirt, sleeveless, short sleeve and quarter length sleeves. I love a yoke back but most importantly, "no need to do an FBA"  
this baby includes multiple cup sizes!!! What's not to love!

  I've had this yellow cotton swiss dot in my stash for a long time, clueless about what to do 
with it!  I ordered 4yrds from Fabricmart when they were running a sale a few years back, I tend to stash and figure it out later, lol. (I can't be the only one that does this, huh?!)

I love the fitted bodice, no gaping at all!!!  No fba's or pattern adjustments on this one. 
The only adjustments were adding a lining!

The pleated back is gorg., I like how it's full in that area, yet fitted in the front and did I mention 
I have waist definition, yeah!!  I originally made this dress for Easter but wore it for Mother's day,
 I felt pretty dainty that day.

 This fabric sewed and pressed flawlessly. It's kinda sheer, but not see thru,
 perfect for our climate. I couldn't button it on the manni, but it fits fine. I've dropped a few 
pounds so I need to unstuff her a little, ;-)

I didn't line the bodice, but decided to line the skirt in a thin white cotton I found in the quilting 
section at Hancock's. (I buy this by the bolt in black, white and cream for lining purposes,
 with my coupons of course, js!) 

It took me forever to hem this dress, not because it was hard, I just hate hemming!!  It's the 
last thing I do, so I tend to procrastinate. Is it awful that I have a closet full of unhemmed dresses?!
                                                                 :- /  Yeah, I kno.......

In the process of applying all  6,756 buttons, I've discovered a genius way of keeping them 
put while I sew them all down!

 After I've stitched all the buttonholes in, I mark the area, making sure they're lined up correctly....

....then I add some glue on the back with my handy dandy glue stick! Press it down in place 
making sure my holes are straight the way I want them,  and proceed to sew them one after 
another without stopping to adjust or re-align! Genius right!? lol 
(M6696 for my references)

Til next time, C-ya!!