Wednesday, March 9, 2016

M6752 | Printed Knit Dress

Happy Hump-day Lovelies!!!

I believe I picked this pattern up in 2013, with the full intention
of making this shirt!

 I still plan to make this top real soon, because that gathered zip
 thing is soo Boss!!

But once I started cutting all the pieces out, I realized the dress looked 
really cute and only had a few pieces to sew up!

I've been passing over this crinkly knit fabric, that's been in my stash
closet for years. I can't remember where I got it, but its sheer, stretchy
 and I had just enough for this dress.

It didn't take much time to sew up, no fba was needed, I  could've
lengthened it, but hey... I wanted to sew and go!! lol

I used clear elastic around the neckline, so it could lie flat. The shoulders were lightly gathered and the bodice actually has a lot of ease, kinda blousey in the bodice area, so I was unsure if or what
size belt to wear with it!  Because I am not about to readjust
the fullness in no way!!

 I forgot to add my usual length adjustment, so out the envelope it's kinda short on me, but I improvised...

I lined the skirt with a thin jetset knit from Handcock's, and
did a rolled hem treatment to make up for that short hem.
Worked out fine!

I'm pretty satisfied with the overall turnout, the mishaps were very minor and 
I get a lot of wear out of this one, with a pair of sandals.

M6752 for reference
Till my next post,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

V1236 | The DKNY 1-Hour dress! (2012)

 That's all it took to sew this baby up!  Now, were not talking cutting and layout time here,
 just actual sewing time. I found this cute seersucker at my local Hancocks,
and purchased what was left on the bolt (which was just enough)!

 I have to admit, this is a pretty shapeless dress without the sash or belt, so it's 
definitely needed. The dress design is very simple, I adore the pleated neckline and 
you know I love a dress with pockets.


This was my first time sewing seersucker and it was a breeze to 
work with, it feels so cool and airy.  Honestly, I've tip-toed away from this type of fabric
in the past, only because the color selections often seemed too juvenile for me.
Glad I tried it!

I can see exactly why it's a "Best of 2011" on P.R. I mean, no hooks, 
no zippers or buttons to fiddle with, what's not to love.

Til my next post, C-ya!

Friday, February 26, 2016

S1610 | Floral & Leather Dress

Hellur, Happy Friday!!

I made this dress about 3yrs ago, it's been in draft mode waiting to be published. :-(
I posted this photo, in the FB group showing how I was attaching my faux leather trim..
It was extended, to make ties, but the pleather was stretchy.