V1236 | The DKNY 1-Hour dress! (2012)

 That's all it took to sew this baby up!  Now, were not talking cutting and layout time here,
 just actual sewing time. I found this cute seersucker at my local Hancocks,
and purchased what was left on the bolt (which was just enough)!

 I have to admit, this is a pretty shapeless dress without the sash or belt, so it's 
definitely needed. The dress design is very simple, I adore the pleated neckline and 
you know I love a dress with pockets.


This was my first time sewing seersucker and it was a breeze to 
work with, it feels so cool and airy.  Honestly, I've tip-toed away from this type of fabric
in the past, only because the color selections often seemed too juvenile for me.
Glad I tried it!

I can see exactly why it's a "Best of 2011" on P.R. I mean, no hooks, 
no zippers or buttons to fiddle with, what's not to love.

Til my next post, C-ya!


  1. Very cute. I will have to look for this pattern to add to my summer collection

  2. Love your work as always, and it looks so cute on you.

  3. That's cute! I missed this pattern and chose the lady wearing the yellow dress and pockets. LOL!!!


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