S1610 | Floral & Leather Dress

Hellur, Happy Friday!!

I made this dress about 3yrs ago, it's been in draft mode waiting to be published. :-(
I posted this photo, in the FB group showing how I was attaching my faux leather trim..
It was extended, to make ties, but the pleather was stretchy.

The issue I was having was, whether or not to use hooks in the back, ties or
just close it up. I wanted it to be thick enough to hide my bra strap, and not to worry
about the ties wearing out over time from retying it.  Well, ......I just closed it. I pull it over
my head first, then zip! lol

I used the top from Simplicity1610, the seaming made it easy for
me to do my usual FBA. I extended the upper back, by 1.5" to make sure
my bra  wouldn't show from behind. My girls need support at all times,
which is why I love being able to alter to fit me!

 I decided to just draft my own skirt, and omitted the skirt with pockets
included in the pattern. I wanted it to be more fuller, for complete
twirl-ability situations!! lol  (yeah, I made that word! #twirl-ability)

I lined both the bodice and skirt portion with simple
white Kona cotton, which I keep on hand by the bolt!

I purchased this beautiful stretch sateen fabric from
High Fashion Fabrics here locally.  Wish I'd
gotten much more for a Blazer tho. (live and learn :-( )

I paired it with my most favoritest belt, (yeah made that one up too!)
since the trim is leftover fabric from my obi anyway...

The back is just the continuation of the neck trim. I tried it on, measured,
sewed it up, works pretty comfy since it stretches.

All n all, I'm pretty satisfied with how this Frankenpattern turned
 out, just as I envisioned it!

S1610 for Reference

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