I'm Still Here! and Coverstitch Machines

Hello fellow bloggers, I'm still around, lol!
It's been a very busy and rather hot summer here in Houston. I do have quite a few projects that I've worked on this summer, just haven't had time to post them, however I will get to that very soon! School is about to start again, (yey, lol!) which gives me mornings to sew. I've been reading some of my favorite blogs, in the evenings during the work week, which keeps me motivated ( Sunday's is my only full day to sew, btw). Between work and keeping the kids busy this "Super Hot" summer, I've managed to complete one or two projects a week! So basically, I'm still doing my thing, lol. Unfortunately, the construction of my sewing room hasn't happened, even tho I keep hinting at my DH, who also promised to get me a coverstitch.....

Speaking of which, I'm sort of torn between two models. Firstly, quite a few peeps on PR, seem to love the Janome CP 1000, and there's also a following for the Brother 2340CV. Now, I must admit that I like the extra room the Janome has, kinda reminds me of a regular sewing machine, but where do u buy those special needles? The Brother uses pretty attainable needles, and the price is good online, but some people have problems with tention and basic operating of this one. I dont kno, do I really need one? Okay, maybe it's more of a want, but I really think i need/want one! I love how they finish hems on knits and apply binding, eew, and that's another bonus too! I think I need an intervention or something, I have too many machines as it iz,....but they all do something different, ya kno.

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