Fabric Store Visit ....

It's been a very long time since I've trekked downtown to one of my favorite fabric stores, "High Fashion Fabrics". My goodness, what took me so long to get back there? I believe it's been several years, eew! I admit, I have gotten a bit lazy when it comes to actually going, "fabric
shopping". Houston is pretty big and I try not to get tangled up in traffic venturing off my side of town, so I usually end up going to the nearest Hancock or Joann's for my fix. (fabric fondling,..don't act like you dont kno, lol) I'm always online, purchasing, wishing I could feel some of those gorgeous fabrics from some of my favorite online fabric sources, but I just place an order, wait and hope the color is true, texture is right, etc. But, there's nutin like seeing true designer fabrics in person, ya kno. I've been curious about the feel of bamboo for some time, an they have such a variety here. I've been fussin bout knits @Joann's and this

place has rows and rows and rooms. What should I pick solids, prints, 2way, 4way's, dang I need a..... Well, let's juz say I got a bit carried away, lol. This trip really helped kick my mojo back into check, unfortunately it also put a dent in my wallet. I must say I did enjoy my 4hours of fondling. Of course I did pick up a few things, but I'll post later! Here's some fabric porn...

Juz the idea's from this fabric draped on this manikin evolks naughty visions of sexiness, so I dare try not to purchase this fabric, on behalf of my sexy alter ego, lol. Well not this time anyway..

Directly across the street from High Fashion Fabric is ..

High Fashion Home. They have some of the oddest, and unique furniture pieces, not to mention Art. The upholstery fabric selection, is unbelievable, I even came across some Louie and Fendie fabric there. Now me wants to change my pillows on the sofa and try my hands at some of the beautiful sheers I spotted too! Well, until I can get to that fabulous fabric district in New York, I realize now that I'm not so limited in the fabrics, if I'm willing to travel a bit. Seeya!

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  1. Good fabric porn...*LOL* It will be interesting and fun to see what you bought!


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