About Me


Welcome to Mocha-Style | Style that flows.... I'm Mz.Choize a DIY, sewing Blogger. Like many, I'm inspired by the fashions of INSTAGRAM, Pinterest and Around-the-way. ;-) I hope to inspire fellow sewing junkies like myself to Imagine, Alter and Make it yourself!!!
Back in 2009, I created this Blog as an online journal of sorts. So I can document my journey and exploration of sewing for myself. I've met some awesome friends along the way, that share the same love I have for sewing.  I've made some blunders along the way, and learned how to work my way out of them,...  well some of 'em.  I've also made quite a few things that I haven't posted about, fab and not so fab, but you know how it is, life can get in the way. (~_~)
I hope to inspire others as I have been inspired. Admittedly, I don't sew much for others I'm a very selfish seamtress.  I don't mind showing others how to sew, but the line can become blurred when a hobby becomes a job, it's just no longer fun for me and I enjoy sewing too much. 

 One of the main focus of my blog, is fitting. My experience with making things fit! I'm 5'9, a 36 D-DD on occasion, not very curvy and my waistline is presently 30. For me, finding true maxi's is not easy, finding well fitted shirts is also problematic, and let's not EVEN mention pants!!!  So I plan to include the steps, and alterations I have to make in order to get garments to fit. I'll explore and document the hacks I had to make, do's and don'ts and the best foundation pieces to work with underneath it all!

I welcome all, to follow along this journey.