NL6488 | Shoulders Out!!

Let's be clear, shoulders are out!! 
Everywhere you go,  shoulders are on display.  Lately, all the Big-4 pattern releases
are keeping us on trend, and believe me I've coped just about every version!

My collection of cold shoulder, off the shoulder, one shoulder and just shoulder  collection is  getting real serious.  😀 

For the most part, this pattern was easy to sew up, I used a 14 and made a few alterations. 
 When I tissue fitted, I didn't like how short the flounce or ruffles were against my chest, so I added 2" to the ruffles, all the way around. I also added 2' to the dress length, it's short now, but was even shorter.  There's an invisible zip center back and a tie neck closure.

I purchased this lovely print fabric sometime last year from Gorgeous Fabrics, along with several others. It was my first purchase from there, after admiring her fabrics for so many years, being cheap I mean frugal. The color is more darker in person, I think my exposure is too light in my camera settings, oh well. 😕 It's a crepe de chine and really sews up well

All versions are really cute and simple, and doesn't take very long to sew up! I don't know how long this trend will last, but I'm digging it!
Till my next post,


  1. This is great and looks wonderful on you! You should definitely make another one!

  2. This is an absolutely gorgeous dress!

  3. I love it!!!! Yaaaay! I begged you back to blogging!!!!!

  4. So cute! And I love the back detail!

  5. Girl this is cute... I haven't looked at this one. Love.!

  6. Darling on you! Just found your blog. You know how to work a shoe, girl!


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